Welcome to Slovakia

HANT Aréna

In premiere, have a virtual tour of the sport hall where the competition will take place. Virtual tour

Public transportation

For moving around the city you can use the bus, tram or trolley lines. Tickets are for 15-minutes (EUR 0,70), 30-minutes (EUR 0,90) or 60-minutes (EUR 1,20). For most journeys 30 to 60 minute tickets are sufficient. Tickets for 24-hours and 72-hours are also available (starting from EUR 3,50). Ticket machines are available at most bus stations. Machines accept coins starting from 5 cents to 2 euro. 

More for transportation planning

Interesting places to visit

The points on the map contain related information like bus/tram/trolley lines for each bus stop, opening hours for stores, additional information for monuments.